Get Inked and Give Back to Bali



Jalan Raya Pengosekan Padang Tegal
Ubud, Bali


Monday – Sunday | 10.30am – 7pm


+62 821 4404 5837 (also WhatsApp)




Booking appointments is the best for us because then we can ensure the most amount of time dedicated to your special time getting ink with us! We are getting busy and want to make sure we are setting aside the most amount of presence with you.

To secure your spot and to respect the time of our artists, all bookings are subject to $50 Non-Refundable deposit that will come off the final price of the tattoo. Payment can be made via PayPal to or drop in at our shop.



We charge by the size of the piece, the detail of the piece, the amount of colour, placement and difficulty. We don't usually charge by hour because our artists are very experienced and work faster than most other artists.


Our ink is 100% vegan, top quality ink imported from North America. Quality is our top goal here : Art, Experience, and Ink and Aftercare products.

Custom Pieces

The best way we work on custom pieces is if you come in to the shop for the appointment and bring your ideas, and we draw something original out in front of you with you there. We work fast! And you can help be part of the creative process, making changes you want in real time, it really helps getting the customer what they want, plus be a part of their own design! And then once we know the full scope of work we can know what the exact price will be.

Good Karma

We donate part of the proceeds to support mental health in Bali. Working with an orphanage that specializes in education for mentally disabled youth. Your tattoo has karmic weight!



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