Thanks for taking a minute to learn about how we work here at Conscious Arts Tattoo Shop. 


 And we appreciate you taking some of your own time to read up on our work process. We get an ton of inquiries, and do not have the manpower to respond to some of the basic questions and instructions outlined here.
To make the process faster for everyone, if you do not follow the instructions for booking, your email and queries will not be prioritized! We're sorry to have to hammer this point in repeatedly, but we've learned over experience here at the shop, this is the best way for us to work, in order to be full power and on point for you guys.
If your question is not answered on here please feel free to use our contact form.
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I don’t know what I want and don’t have any design in mind. Can you tell me approx price? Can you give me some prices please? How much for a sleeve? What’s an estimate for the picture I sent? I love your work, would like to know your price range?

The truth is it could be anything from 1 million rupiah to 50 million rupiah. Even if you have sent us photos of the tattoo you’d like to get, it can still varies. There are many factors in pricing a tattoo as there are many factors in designing it. Our artists prefer to draw your design on the day of your appointment. We realise how important it is to get you what you want and to be able to make changes on the spot. We do this to make sure every single one of our customer get an epic customise piece and being 100% involved in every stages. Therefore, we can’t give you a price until the tattoo is designed  and sized with you in person. Your idea of “small” or “simple” may not be the same as our idea, we would like to avoid giving you inaccurate information. We don’t charge by hour, we charge by piece and design because our artists are quick and precise. Our minimum price for small and simple tattoo (a size of a coin, with no shadings, or color) is 1 million Indonesian Rupiah.

 Agus just did a piece on my arm. Could he give me a deal if i get some more done?

This shall be discussed in person with the artist, but we love to take care of return customers, once you get inked at Conscious Arts, you’re part of our ink family, and we always take care of our family.

 Can you send me examples of your “dot/writing/realism/color/traditional/line/mandala” work?

All sample of our work is on our Facebook page and on our Instagram page @consciousartstattoos 

I am traveling and in a budget. Can you give me a discount?

As much as we want everyone to get inked with us, we also must respect our artists time and artwork. We try our best to hook people up, and do give discounts to people who deserve it. Charity work is our soft spot, so if you come to the island to give, we will reward you. But if you’re just a cheapass, there is other studios for you to go to :P

 Do you charge by hour?

We don’t charge by hour, we charge by piece and design because our artists are quick and precise. We charge per piece based on size, colour, intricacy of design, placement, and overall difficulty.

 I am free later on today. Can I come at 8?

 We prioritise bookings, but you are more than welcome to come by anytime for any queries and to book :) Our sweet shop manager Gede can help you all your questions and help you with bookings. But if you’d like to meet your chosen artist directly, let’s book you in a consultation that meets both of your schedules the best.  

Do you take card?

We accept Cash and you can also do a part of the payment via Paypal. We have few ATMs within a walking distance of the shop. Cash is prefered :D  

How far away are you from “so-and-so” Villa?

As curious as we are of where you are staying, you can also locate us on Google Maps. Our location is within walking distance from Ubud centre. Our motto here is GTS : GOOGLE THAT SHIT.

 I have a spare $200 in the end of my travel, if i come up to the shop would you be able to come up with something for me?

We’d love to book you in for an appointment. Please bring a reference photos of what you’d like  to get done. We’d love to work together with you to make sure you get something you like within your budget!

(when Agus is not available) Who will be doing my tattoo? Can i see their work? Are they as good as Agus?

Our other artists are Yande and Kadek. You can check out their work on Instagram @yandetattoo and @dexguntatto. Both have similar style with Agus, and have done a lot of Balinese traditional style of tattooing.

Is it okay to put numbing cream beforehand?

You are more than free to do so, but according to our artists they don’t really work. Kindly let the artist know if you put on any cream before your tattoo session.

I saw that you give back to Balinese community. Does it make you more expensive?

We are honest that we do have a higher price point compare to other shops in Ubud. Our pricing is higher because of the reputation of our art work, our artists, quality of equipment and our vegan ink that’s imported from North America. Giving back to the local community doesn’t make us more expensive, it’s what we pledged for ♥✊🏾

 “It is western prices, I thought and heard Bali is cheaper.”

We are not like any other tattoo shop in Bali. We take pride in our art and we work with the best local artists in Ubud. Not only that we are the only shop in Ubud that use vegan ink that Aren’s mom smuggled in from Canada. You’re paying a little extra for vegan tattoo ink, western quality and service, cleanliness, and the trust that we will do a great job and treat you like family.  

You use vegan ink right? What is the difference with normal ink?

Vegan ink is free from animal by-products which makes it vegan. The ink we use is made out of organic pigments, distilled water and witch hazel. It is also free of preservative and carcinogen which could be harmful for your skin. 

Where do you get your vegan ink? And how much per bottle?

We use Eternal Ink imported from Canada. We don’t resell the ink here, and that’s another one you can google and also factor in the import fee’s and all stuff. Again, GTS.  

Do you do piercings? Sell body jewelry?

No sorry, we are strictly a tattoo studio.

 What’s the tattoo process like?

Bring in any reference pictures of tattoos, artwork, or photos that inspired your piece to show and help explain your idea to your artist. Our artist will then customised it and draw something original out in front of you with you there. And you can help be part of the creative process, making changes you want in real time, it really helps getting you what you want, plus be a part of  your own design! It will also be a time where you will discuss placement, size and price. Once we are clear on the direction and the design that we are going, agree on a price that makes us both feel happy and valued, we will then start your tattoo session.

 What do I need to prepare for a session?

Have something to eat before your appointment. Wear comfortable clothing and bring music or other things that can get you in a zen flow. Snack and sugary drink is recommended if you are getting a big piece. There are a nice cafe and mini market opposite of our shop where you can get juices, snack or food beforehand. 

Do I have to pay any deposit?

To secure your spot and respect our artist time, all bookings are subjected to $50 deposit that is deductible from the cost of your tattoo. This deposit is NON-refundable, unless something fucked up happen, in that case we got your back. You can send it to us via Paypal to or you can drop it directly at our shop at least 48 hours before your scheduled appointment.